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Bill Peckham

Patient Centered care has to include the care that is delivered when the patient isn't engaged. The fact that higher quality dialysis options are available to motivated and/or lucky individuals can not excuse the suboptimal nature of the all too common default dialysis option: 3 hours, three days a week.

No one in the business would choose that option.

Roberta Mikles

I can not get out of my mind that statement of Dr. Parker and would welcome the opportunity to also ask our legislators, providers, physicians as well as those providing direct care if this is the care they want to receive?

It is imperative that our legislators, CMS, etc. hear from those patients who have NOT received individualized care and how that has affected their lives. They should also hear from patients and/or families of those who have experienced negative outcomes that have affected them both emotionally and physically. Legislators, CMS, etc., need to be more cognizant of the fact that many patients have suffered emotionally due to intimidation, retaliation, etc and many physically due to lack of individualized care.

In the six years I sat with my father at dialysis, I watched many patients experience cramping, nausea, etc because they had too much fluid removed where if there were to have had treatments, more often, or at home, they would not have experienced such. This is just one, tip of the iceberg example of individualized care.

Many of the surveys - facility inspections, on our site support the lack of individualized care.

Roberta Mikles RN
Dialysis Patient Advocate

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